Our brand & number 777

 1. The meaning of 777

777 is widely regarded as a number of great fortune and luck. 

In addition to luck, the number 777 is associated with divine protection and guidance and believed to offer protection and support during challenging times.

When you encounter 777, it serves as a reminder that you are not alone in your journey and that you have powerful, benevolent forces looking out for you.

This protection can provide a sense of reassurance and confidence, helping you navigate life's uncertainties with greater ease.


2. Our Brand

BROKESEVEN incorporates and embodies these meanings.

Every Self-Made Person you look up to had challenging times, such as being broke.

We aim to demonstrate that you can harness the challenges of being broke as a source of motivation to chase your dreams and achieve something remarkable.

 Additionally, we aspire to provide you with a sense of protection through our clothing, for example by features like the hidden pocket in our 777Bag, which safeguards your valuable belongings.


 Regardless of how you perceive it, the presence of 777 often carries a sense of positivity and encouragement, inspiring hope and optimism in those who encounter it.

Even if you may not believe in the significance of this number, we aspire to positively influence your mindset through our brand and motivate you to archive everything you want.